Opulent Grazing Tables to Delight Your Guests

Wedding Catering Edinburgh, Fife & Central Scotland

A feast for a large gathering or an intimate occasion with your closest family and friends, a wedding meal is always special, and picking the right wedding catering service is crucial. Quality food is important, this goes without saying, but so is the style, the presentation, the atmosphere, the emotions. The memories it will all create for many years to come, for you and for your guests.

Food brings people together, and few ways of eating do it as well as a grazing table: abundant with the best, easy to pick and choose, relaxed yet sophisticated, casual but luxurious.

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Formal or relaxed, winter or summer, traditional or creatively modern… whatever your dream wedding, a grazing table can be created to be a worthy centerpiece of your celebration. At Alba Platter, we love creating bespoke grazing tables that fit perfectly with your concept.

In every case, though, we guarantee some basics:

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